Shopping at the Farmer's Market



While we waited for the bus, we watched the men fix the church clock.






The Tridge in Midland!




We saw ladybugs and moths in the water.





Cookies and Cider





A bee hive in the tree!



We saw a tree hit by lightning! We are studying about this in Science!



On our walk, we saw bugs and colored leaves and more.The woods are so beautiful!





We are a big group of 23 students and adults, too.Look at this great photo of us on the Chippewa Nature Trail.Smile everyone! This was a great field trip for all!



October 8th our class went to the Farmerís Market and then walked over the Tridge to have a snack. First, we bought some goodies at the market then, we had a snack and went for a walk.The weather was wonderful for our outing.