Math Concepts & Levels


q       L1 1. Adding items (prices)


q       L1 2. Total including sales tax


q       L3 3. Just the sales tax


q       L3 4. Percent OF


q       L3 5. Percent OFF


q       L1 6. No tax on food


q       L2 7. Tip is 15 percent (finding the correct price)


q       L4 8. Unit pricing (how much for just one)


q       L5 9. How much for MANY (multiplying the price of one by the number needed)


q       L5 10. Comparison of prices (percent off/dollars off/cheaper price)


q       L8 11. Difference between prices / change back (subtract small price from bigger price and count change w/o calc)


q       L3 12. Rounding prices (look at the third number on the right side of the decimal, dump a penny on the guy next door if it is a magic number).


q       L6 13. How many months in a year (know their names in the correct order)


q       L6 14. How many weeks in a year


q       L6 15. How many days in a year


q       L5 16. People usually get paid weekly (how much is that each month-budget purposes)


q       L5 17. Time concepts such as knowing time, start and stop times and the number of hours worked


q       L5 18. Money times the hour to calculate weekly wage (must also add daily hours)

q       L6 19. Story problems requiring two or more steps (EVALUATE answers)

q       L5 20. Can count hours (even hours) i.e. 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. is 6 hours

q       L7 21. Can count hours (mix in half hours) 9:30 - 3:00

q       L9 22. Can count quarter hours (adding hours) 9:15 - 2:45

q       L6 23. Can change minutes to fractions to decimals (15 min = 1/4 hour or .25)

q       L5 24. Can multiply the number of hours times hourly wage to calculate daily wage

q       L6 25. Can multiply the number of hours times hourly wage and add weekly total to calculate weekly wage.

q       L7 26. Understands the concept of overtime (hours times 1.5)

q       L6 27. Can calculate monthly income when given a weekly work schedule (easy)

q       L9 28. Can calculate monthly income when given a weekly work schedule (difficult)

q       L6 29. Can develop a monthly household budget that includes reasonable expenses such as: rent, utilities, food, recreation, and transportation.

q       L6 30. Can use monthly income total to pay budgeted amounts in a reasonable fashion

q       L9 31. Can use computer program to calculate monthly payment on given total amount (i.e. car payment on $5,000 @ 9.75 APR for 48 months) use INTERNET CALCULATOR ON WEBSITE!

q       L8 32. Can calculate total expenses associated with purchasing automobile (i.e. title transfer, taxes, registration/plates and down payment 20%)

q       L8 33. Can count money to complete above transaction

q       L8 34. Can write money amounts in writing (to fill out a check)

q       L8 35. Can accurately fill out a check

q       L8 36. Can keep a check register

q       L9 37. Can use Quicken or Microsoft Money to keep a check book

q       L2 38. Level one items with numerical extraneous information added

q       L2 39. Find the Difference (easy - big number in, subtract small number out)

q       L4 40. Knows how many days are in a week including Saturday & Sunday

q       L4 41. Knows how many days are in a week (school week)

q       L4 42. Multi-step including at least two different operations (i.e., add items AND include sales tax).

q       L7 43. Can calculate (given) weekly amount of pay into MONTHLY AND give the amount of a specified percent (how much is 20% of monthly gross)