Basic Math Skills - Upper Elementary


I.                Concepts


II.                Money


III.               Time and Calendar


IV.               Measurement


Basic Math Skills


I.        Concepts

            The Student...

A.                            Demonstrates appropriate knowledge of addition and subtraction.


B.                            Demonstrates appropriate knowledge of multiplication.


C.                            Knows even and odd numbers.


D.                            Can count by 2's, 5's, and 10's to 100.


E.                             Can count and identify numbers to 1,000.


F.                             Knows concepts of basic fractions.


G.                            Has skills to use a calculator to perform computations.


H.                            Can identify math problems in daily living.


I.                              Recognizes number words to 1,000.


II.          Money

            The Student...

A.                            Knows the names and value for coins and currency.


B.                            Can correctly exchange coins up to $5.00 and currency up to $10.00.


C.                            Understands the concept of money purchases (e.g., knows what lunch

                             money is for).


D.                           Understands the concept of saving money.


E.                         Makes purchases up to $10.00 with assistance.



III.     Time and Calendar


          The Student...


A.                            Can follow a daily school routine without assistance.


B.                            Can tell time to 5 minutes intervals.


C.                            Knows days and months of year in sequence from start to finish.


D.                            Knows birthday (month and day).


E.                             Can relate seasons to weather changes and temperatures.


F.                             Can read a digital and wall clock.


G.                            Can use a calendar.


H.                            Can identify abbreviations for months.


IV.          Measurement

    The Student...


A.             Knows common measurement tools/instruments and uses with assistance.


B.                   Understands basic concepts of size and volume (e.g., larger/smaller,

                 longer/shorter, more/less).

 C.                   Can read and understand the use of a thermometer.