Torch Lake Sunset View In Alden

4 Acres on Cemetery Rd


This is a picture taken from my land with the Torch Lake sunset view (sunsets right over the right shoulder of Abby - the one on your left wearing blue with a crutch). The road is right behind them but property has a slight hill and road is below that incline. They have NOT moved, I moved to take a picture of Cemetery Road. The lake view is behind Sean (previous picture). There is now a house between the subjects and the house pictured on the hill (my neighbor).

This is almost the exact same spot as those pictured above except Sean took the picture and moved a bit to the south showing the southeast view of the property. The Dock in Alden. This is a public access site where folks fish, launch their boats and swim. Two summers ago, there used to be folks with guitars and saxophones playing here in the evening and people brought blankets and chairs. It truly was magical.

The Train Depot in Alden. Another neat place to visit with the kids. There is also a public place behind the depot. You know those sleepy, quiet little towns where everyone waves at you and at Christmas the whole town is decorated up? Here it is - right out of a Norman Rockwell painting. They close the street in the summer for the "Alden Strolls." Artists, musicians, crafts-folks and so many more take over the street every week. Look it up on the web. What a great time for family and all.
Things to do??!! Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes and Glen Lake (nearby). We spend a LOT of time at the Dunes (Grandkids LOVE them). Lake Michigan in the background (picture taken from overlook in Empire).

This is a view standing at the same place as above except looking to the north (fall picture). Rugg Pond in the fall (10 minutes down the road)

Another view of Rugg Pond. Rapid River begins at Rugg Pond and the trout fishing is GREAT!

Survey. I can email this as well so you can blow it up to make larger/readable.

Torch Lake "where the rainbow stores it's colors." It was rated the third most beautiful lake in the world by National Geographic.

One last view (I never took a picture of them but there are wildflowers all over the front of my property. That and the view of the lake is what caught my eye)