Science Released Items for MI Access 2008

8th Grade

Use the picture below to answer question R1.

R1 What part of this plant is usually eaten?

A leaves

B stems

C root


R2 What is the relationship of a bird to a worm?

A The bird is the predator of the worm.

B The bird is the prey of the worm.

C The bird and the worm help each other.


R3 Stan replaced the batteries in a radio.

The radio still does not work.

What information should Stan look at next?

A the picture of how to place the batteries

B the brand of the appliance

C the brand of the batteries



R4 What is an example of a chemical change?

A a nail being hammered

B a nail rusting

C a nail being cut in half



Use the bar graph below to answer question R5.

R5 What type of clothing should be worn during the week shown in

the graph?

A shorts and T-shirt

B gloves and winter coat

C spring coat and pants


R6 What is the effect of Earth spinning on its axis?

A sun and moon

B night and day

C summer and winter